Owner & Founder

Owner & Founder

My name is Angelina Reese, and I am the owner of Travel Angel Planner, LLC, an unique Travel Agency based out of Florissant, MO that serves clients all over the United States and across the world. 

As the Travel Angel Planner, I ensure each and every client receives the best I have to offer, including detailed itineraries tailored to client's preferences. I have experience planning trips for anniversaries, large groups, honey-moons, leisure, family reunions—you name it, I've done it!

When people book with Travel Angel Planner, they are prepared for the unknown and stocked with the best information. Helping clients book international travel is an expertise of mine. If a mishap occurs anywhere in the world, I am your advocate. I want you to feel at ease knowing that I have your back prior, during, and after your trip.

At least twice a year, I offer planned Travel Angel Group travel for those traveling solo or in smaller groups. These trips center around themes, including Adventure, Cruise Group, Health and Wellness, Across the World on Amtrak-Train, and more.

Traveling is an investment, and I provide advanced payment plans if you are looking to plan your dream vacation in stages. A great trip takes time to plan! I address all your questions and concerns and do not rush you.

In short, I love bringing people together through travel! Traveling is getting in touch with other cultures, expanding your horizons, learning about what the world has to offer and taking time to escape from the hustle and bustle. Meeting new people and learning what is different from your home can be very fascinating!

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