Travel Planning & Links

Travel Planning & Links

Personalized travel plans are designed to exceed your expectations, explore your interests, and stay within your budget!

Passports are needed for International Travel and Visa might be needed for certain destinations/areas; research will be given with our agency before departure.

Travel planning is complicated and we want all clients to be very well prepared. Being prepared is our #1 concern for clients.

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Imperative: Please inform our agency if you have a passport in your maiden name (ladies) before updating your new name. Very imperative to let our agency know about specific for traveling with your name(s) to avoid any issues.

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Cruise lines are moving to eDocs which will soon limit, if not totally eliminate, paper tickets for economic reasons. Because it seems that every cruise line has a different policy and procedure when it comes to eDocs, listed below are document procedures with our various cruise line partners pre-cruise docs.


  • Holland America sends paper docs, but not pre-cruise docs.
  • MSC sends paper documents but not pre-cruise docs.
  • NCL sends pre-docs sometimes; they sometimes go to the client directly.  They do send e-Docs to the e-mail on file.
  • Princess only sends pre-docs when there is missing info from the client/agent.
  • Royal Caribbean Family - Azamara/Celebrity/RCI sends eDocs to e-mail address on file. If paper documents are requested from the cruise line, they are sent to agency of record.

Pre-docs generally include shore excursion pamphlets and luggage tags, but all cruise lines vary on what is sent.  We advise if you have the option to have paper docs sent, have them sent to you directly.

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