Annual Cruise, Royal Caribbean 12/2022

Annual Cruise, Royal Caribbean 12/2022

Travel Angel's Cruise Group offers the best annual 6-day Cruise. You do not want to miss this one in 2022 we are going away to (3) ports. It's one of the newest and best... Odyssey of the Seas. December 17-23, 2022. Leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are cruising to Labadee, Haiti with the longest zip lining in the world.  

Falmouth Jamaica, is one of the best places and one of most visited place as well in the Caribbean; you know it is a party which is near Montego Bay. Travel Angel Planner knows Jamaica and is a Jamaica Specialist which have some secrets for you.  

George Town, Grand Cayman is the idea place to visit and you will be in great hands with a group tour.  

Contact me below for your information to get started.  

Contact for more details, the prices below is for starting price. Add more for Ocean view space. You may add additional person but it will only add not double price. 

(2) per cabin price

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